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the changing of the guard walking tour

TOUR Description

The daily Changing of the Guard is one of the most famous ceremonies in the world and a must-see London attraction, but what is the best way to experience it? There is more to it than you can possibly see uncomfortably pressed up against the Buckingham Palace gates, or on tiptoes peering over thousands of others hoping to catch a glimpse.

The reality is that the ceremony is a carefully orchestrated movement of soldiers between multiple locations. And just like the soldiers you will be in a small group of dedicated individuals following a fearless leader from palace to palace. However unlike the soldiers, we will give you plenty of opportunity to shoot anything interesting… with your camera of course.

Over 2 hours we will offer you some of the best timed views of the different sites of the ceremony, and unlike any other London tour we will also explain to you why it is happening and trace the fascinating origins of the tempestuous history of guarding The Monarchy, allowing you to thoroughly appreciate what it is that you are witnessing.



  • Westminster Abbey – Find out about this stunning place of worship and its integral place in the story of our nation and monarchy. The coronation site of all but 2 of our monarchs, and the final resting place of 17 of them, it is the perfect place to talk about one of the first times the Guards were called to action.
  • The Palace of Westminster– Now more commonly known as ‘The Houses of Parliament’, this breathtaking building has more than it’s fair share of history – here we discuss the important changes in the power of the Royal Family.
  • The Horse Guards Parade – In the shadow of the ancient Palace of Whitehall we will stop to find out about its surprising history and why the palace was the preferred home of English Kings and Queens for nearly 200 years. Whilst the glorious Household Cavalry begin their guard change we explain just why we still have sword-carrying, armour-wearing soldiers on duty in the capital in the 21st Century.
  • St James’s Palace – We will get you a front row seat at this incredible Tudor Palace for the beginning of the Changing of The Guard. Amazing picture opportunities abound whist the guards march directly past us and on to Buckingham Palace.
  • Buckingham Palace – As well as discovering just why this has been the chosen home of the Monarchy for the last 178 years, it is here that we will see the most famous part of the ceremony. On top of explaining what is going on we will give you the definitive run down of the regiments involved, the reasoning behind their dress code and, if you’re really lucky, we’ll share our trade secrets of how to tell them all apart.
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