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If you're new to London or even if you already know all the words to ‘God Save The Queen', this guided bike tour has something for you!


New York has its delis, Paris has its cafes and London has its pubs. Around 7000 of them. The question is which ones to visit? Allow our world class local guides to show you the hidden gems of London's world famous west end pub scene and show you our favourite local pubs brimming with character and charm.

TOUR Highlights


  • Buckingham Palace - This has been the official London residence of the Royal Family since Queen Victoria. This 661 room palace remained the dwelling of the monarchy throughout World War II, even after being hit seven times by German air strikes.
  • Westminster Abbey - Westminster Abbey was founded, according to legend, in the year 616. It is home to the crypts of some of the most famous British citizens, including a number of kings and queens, Charles Dickens and Sir Issac Newton. Additionally, since 1066, all British monarchs who have had a coronation have been crowned in the Abbey.
  • The Royal Parks - The Royal Parks in London include Kensington Gardens, Hyde Park, Green Park, and St. James's Park. As the first bicycle tour company licensed to make use of the Royal Parks, we are able to offer a refuge from the hubbub of the city's traffic
  • Big Ben - Attached to the houses of parliament, Big Ben actually refers to the 13 tonne hour-bell within the clock tower. London first heard the chimes on May 31, 1859.
  • Kensington Palace - Kensington Palace was first occupied by William III in the seventeenth century and remains to this day an official royal residence. Princess Diana lived here until her death in 1997 and it is the official residence of William and Kate.


  • Covent Garden - One of London's most beautiful squares and famous market places Covent Garden is a must see sight for any visitor to London. Let us show you what most visitors don't see as we take you behind the scenes to the best local pubs hidden around the square.]
  • Theatreland - London is home to the greatest theatre and musical scene in the world. On this tour we weave our way through the heart of London's world famous theatre district. 
  • 4 Excellent Establishments - On this tour we take you to a selection of the capital's best pubs, the places the locals go, that will let you soak up London's best beer and un-paralleled vibe.
  • 6 Samples of Beer - Do you know the difference between your ales and your lagers? Your stouts and your porters? Your guide will shed light on the brewing traditions that create such a wide and rich variety of our national drink!
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